synIRC strives to provide a free, safe, stable, and secure environment for internet relay chat (IRC) with minimal negative intrusion or impact from network staff.

Full Link - - 04/27/2014

Congratulations to Fluffypony and it's admin David on becoming a full link, it will make a nice addition to our network.

Unfortunately Darkex has resigned from his staff position with SynIRC, we thank him for his time and effort that he dedicated to the network and wish him well in his future endeavor's.

synIRC Acquired by Freenode

After almost 7 years synIRC has been acquired by Freenode. In the coming weeks we will be announcing exciting changes to our network and beginning the integration to Freenode. Users will have the option to transfer their NickServ account from synIRC to Freenode. In the case of conflicts the older registered nickname will prevail. synIRC is excited to become part of the Freenode Family!

(Happy April Fools)


After being with synIRC for many years, (formerly has delinked from the network. We would like to take this opportunity to send our appreciation to bEnnOx for providing the server for many years to the network.

Lots of server changes

Where there was once 2 there is now none. Both servers in Texas have delinked -- (admin jon) & (admin Danny). has moved to a new provider, in a new data center, in a new location. So please welcome a testlink of This increases our network's west coast coverage.

The admin of has been switched to Jon with Jake retaining co-admin.

We have also accepted a testlink of a new US hub server -- replaced by, new server and has been moved to a new data center and has been renamed to (full link).

a new server has entered testlink with ipv6 capabilities. please welcome back (admin Aden).

a new server has entered testlink with ipv6 capabilities. please welcome (admin Danny). is a full link, delinks

To improve our coverage in Canada, synIRC has accepted as a Full Link. This change has decommissioned

2 new servers, 1 delink

It's been quite a while since we've put an update on here. Since the last post we have accepted (admin Luke) as a full link. We have also added (admin jon) as a full link. kermit is a replacement for (admin jon) which has been decomissioned. Additionally, we have accepted a test link of (admin slushey). - test link

We have accepted a test link to improve our east coast coverage, sponsored by Luke. test link

synIRC has accepted a testlink for - administered by Jake and jon. - our first Australian server! has been accepted for test link, donated by noob.

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