synIRC strives to provide a free, safe, stable, and secure environment for internet relay chat (IRC) with minimal negative intrusion or impact from network staff.

envy delinked has been delinked. One of our first servers, it served us well through the years but its time came to leave.

Full link for has been accepted as a full link. Congratulations, Hex!

New testlink -

We would like to welcome our new test link,, provided by Hex. May the test link period go well!

Executive Council changes

jaf has stepped down as a member of the Executive Council. Congratulations to darkex who has been elected to succeed him!

Full link has been accepted as a full link.

New testlink -

synIRC has accepted a testlink for - located in Germany, Frankfurt - administered by Aden.

New testlink

I would like to welcome a new test link administered by Jordan to the network.

3 new servers

We have 3 new servers as part of the network. We have accepted 2 for a testlink -- (admin darkex) and (admin namreeb), and have commissioned (admin Eien) as a full link.

Delink of two servers and removal of network staff

The servers and have been removed from the network. The associated administrators of each server, Danny and noob respectively, have been removed from network staff.

Full Link - - 04/27/2014

Congratulations to Fluffypony and it's admin David on becoming a full link, it will make a nice addition to our network.

Unfortunately Darkex has resigned from his staff position with SynIRC, we thank him for his time and effort that he dedicated to the network and wish him well in his future endeavor's.

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