Chat With Us!

Chatting on synIRC with our users is easy! You can either use the web chat interface or an IRC program (also called a client) that you install on your local machine. IRC clients require more configuration work to connect to synIRC but provide more features and may offer better performance as well.

For IRC client users, we make several addresses available to minimize latency. These are:

  • -- Contains all servers accepting client connections.
  • -- Contains only European servers accepting connections.
  • -- Contains only United States servers accepting connections.
  • -- Contains all servers accepting connections on IPv6 IPs.
  • -- Contains all servers accepting IRC connections on port 80.

All of our servers listen for IRC connections on ports 6660 to 6669. All servers support SSL connections for IRC on ports 6697 and 7001. Some servers also accept IRC connections on port 80 for those users behind restrictive firewalls.

Some popular IRC clients are listed below:

If you have trouble setting up any of these clients, please look at the documentation for the program or use the web-based chat interface to ask for assistance in #help.