synIRC strives to provide a free, safe, stable, and secure environment for internet relay chat (IRC) with minimal negative intrusion or impact from network staff.

Services upgrade, 16 Dec 2012

We will be upgrading network services during the morning of Saturday, 16 December 2012. Network services will be offline for a few minutes during this process. There should be no impact to user or channel registrations.

Executive Council changes

pak has stepped down as a member of the Executive Council for personal reasons. slushey has been elected to succeed him.

Services restart, 17 Nov 2012

We will be restarting network services during the morning of Saturday, 17 November 2012. We are doing this to implement new functionality.

When services has been rebooted, NickServ will present a new command, cancel. Using /ns cancel, you will be able to drop your pending nick registration. This will be particularly useful if you accidentally register a nick using the wrong email address.

News, November 2012 edition

Our two new test links, and have become full links.

Following network issues, Aden has delinked and will be applying for a replacement system within the next couple days.

New full link and new test links has been accepted as a full link. Congratulations!

We have also accepted two new test links:

Test link:

As part of our continuing efforts to improve service in North America and to replace delinked servers, we have accepted as a test link, donated by noob and co-admin Danny. This server is located in Texas, USA.

Webserver maintenance

Our webserver will undergo maintenance on Sunday, 09 September 2012 around 11 am EDT to improve website and webchat performance during peak usage times.

The server will be offline for about fifteen to twenty minutes. During this time, the synIRC website, forums, and webchat will be unavailable. No IRC servers will be affected. Network services will also not be affected.

Update: Due to circumstances beyond our control, this has been postponed to Sunday.

News, August 2012 edition

News for the past two months:

Within the next week, our US hub will be moving to new hardware. Network services will be moved to the secondary hub while the move is going on to keep outages to a minimum.

Catching up on news

Somehow the last six months of news did not make it onto the site. First, the older news:

The most recent news is that we have accepted two new test links:

Today's network outage

This morning, most of our users were banned from the network. This was the result of my error and I am truly sorry.

I had added a spamfilter to the network to try to block a swarm of bots that were joining the network. Since the first filter did not work, I removed it and added a second one. This occurred at 9:11am EST. Promptly, most of our users were removed from the network with the message "Spambots not wanted". This also affected most of our network staff.

Visitors to the website and our forums trying to find out what happened brought the webserver to its knees. Unfortunately, with the webserver unresponsive, most of our server admins were not able to rehash their servers and add exemptions for themselves so they could work on correcting the issue.

Thanks to network staff, the issue was resolved completely by 10:22am EST.

This incident highlighted several different things:

  • Sometimes we all make mistakes.
  • Server admins should be exempted from spam filters so they can quickly address any issues with filters that arise.
  • Servers should not be dependent on the webserver to rebuld their configurations.
  • The webserver needs better hardware to handle an onslaught of visitors.

We are currently working on how to approach the technical issues.

I am going to take steps to make sure I do not repeat this. For starters, I am going to avoid doing anything with the spam filters until I have a reliable mechanism for testing them first.

Again, I'm truly sorry this happened. Please accept my apologies.

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